Improved Management of Bio-resources in Tripura through biotechnological intervention for sustainable socio-economic development.


● Set priorities & promote projects based on recommendation of expert groups.
● Outsource appropriate technology for application in Tripura.
● Promote R &D to mitigate challenge in utilization & management of bio-resources.
● Conduct R & D through reputed Academic/Research/Technical institution.
● Work in association & Partnership with the Govt. department/Scientific and Academic communities and Institutions / Non-Governmental Organizations, Farming and   Entrepreneurial communities.

● Prioritize food and sustainable nutritional security, healthcare, utilization of vast bio-resources.
● Conservation & documentation of biodiversity and commercialization of important bio-resources.
● Resource survey in inventorization of natural and domesticated plants of medicinal, aromatic and nutritional value as per local tradition for identification and development of protocols for micro and macro propagation.

● Capacity Building in Biotechnology Sector.