Distribution of Biotech Kit under State Plan Scheme:

                    Growing concern about the adverse effects of application of chemicals in the agriculture practices has compelled us to restore the environment for sustainable production that encourages the introduction of organic inputs in a comprehensive form of Biotech kit The process offers immense scope to small and marginal farmers and SHG groups in creating their own organic environment and project their farming land as a “hub of safe food production” It is considered necessary to promote and take this technologies to the door step of the farmers in every corner of the state for improvement of soil heath and to create a hazard free sustainable environment. The “Biotech Kit” consist of 18 different bioinputs including Micorhizal preparation N,P,K,S fixing biofertilizer, entomopathogenic biopesticides, neem & garlic based biopestisides, beneficial fungas to restrain plant diseases, lure to trap the pest and a sprayer. This Directorate has all ready completed the distribution of Biotech kin among the 80 nos of small and Marginal farmers of Lakhsminagar & Saraspur GP under Kadamtala Block, Gamchakobra ADC Village under Lefunga Block, South Narayan pur Village under erstwhile Mohanpur (now Bamutia) Block during 2013 – 14. The same programme will be followed in the 2014 -15 financial year.
                       The Directorate of Biotechnology has given priority I. To reduce the use of chemical input in agriculture & to produce safe food and II. To conserve biodiversity and to reduce environmental pollution in the state. Keeping in view use of Biotech Kit has been developed for the small and marginal farmers and perhaps for the first time in the Eastern India.




I. Project on Effect of Green Technology on Seasonal & Perennial (Medicinal) Plants:  

    The one year duration project have been undertaken at Heritage Park jointly by the Directorate of Biotechnology & Department of Forest with the financial assistance of TFDPC,  Tripura in a view  to i) Introduce a low cost eco-friendly technology. ii) Identify the changes of medicinal plants with the application of Biotech based environment friendly inputs and iii) aware people about the use of medicinal plants. This project has involved 6 students and a teacher guide of Women Collage, Agartala to study the different parameter of the medicinal plants.

II. Project on "Evaluation/Data Generation of Neem as Bio-pesticide/Bio-fertilizer in Tripura":  

    The Neem based  Research project have been undertaken by Directorate of Biotechnology at  Debendra Chandra GP under Mohanpur Agri Subdivision, West Tripura for development of eco-friendly Bio-pesticide/ Bio-fertilizer for CIB registration. The project is funded by Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology, Govt. of India.

III. Establishment of Demonstration Plots on Organic Farming in Tripura -----Phase –I :

        Appreciating the need and importance of introducing organic farming in the state, the DBT initially organized numbers of training and awareness workshops on organic farming in different parts of the state. The training/awareness generation programmes were organized targeting three tyres viz., the farmers, the field functionaries of the line departments of the state government and finally the members of PRI bodies at grassroot level. The objective of those programmes was to sensitize and reorient the mindset of the people towards organic farming. In general, the mindset for organic farming is "cultivation of crop with cowdung, vermicompost, neem extract and comparatively low yield is obtained". But the intervention of biotechnological approach opened a new horizon for exploring the opportunities in this sector. Subsequently the DBT took up demonstration plots in the farmers field at a very small scale at different location of the state by motivating and encouraging the farmers and providing necessary technical guidance. This endeavor of the Directorate could successfully sensitize the farming community and the farmers got interested to adopt organic farming in their plots. To demonstrate the potential of organic farming in a more effective way, this Directorate submitted a project proposal on "Establishment Of Demonstration Plots ForOrganic Farming In Tripura" to National Horticulture Board (NHB) Government of India. NHB approved and sanctioned the first phase of the project proposal for taking up demonstration plots on Organic Farming of Vegetable Crops in three hectares of land in Tripura during 2011……
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IV. Establishment of Demonstration Plots on Organic Farming in Tripura ------Phase –II :
        The second phase of the project “Establishment of Demonstration Plots on Organic Farming in Tripura” has been undertaken by DBT in a total of 5 hec. of land at Singerbil GP under Mohanpur Block, Chhataria GP and Gamaria GP under Matabari Block involving 20 numbers of farmers during the year 2012-13. This phase of the project has also been sponsored by the National Horticulture Board, Govt. of India. One important feature of this project is that tribal farmers have been involved during this phase for organic farming activities. Moreover, DBT tried to facilitate the farmers for proper marketing of their organic products by motivating and developing linkage with the wholesale dealers of the major vegetable markets of Agartala City through a series of talks and discussions. During the first session of this phase, Cucumber, chilli, brinjal, tomato, bitter gourd etc. vegetables are being grown in the demo plots.……
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Projects in the Pipeline:

 ●  Low cost composting through application of EM Technology.  

  Demo on Mushroom Farming Technology and Value Addition Techniques for Socio-economic  Upliftment of SC/ST Community of Tripura.

 ●  Ethno-botanical Studies on Medicinal Plants of Tripura.

 ●  Establishment of Demonstration plots on organic farming of fruit crops.

 ●  In collaboration with ICAR Under State Action Plan on Climate Change
Land use planning in 40 Blocks of Tripura for Sustainable Agricultural Development
Preparation of Agro-climatic atlas (Block wise )
Assessment of Seasonal Soil Moisture
Block wise crop calendar
 Farm Health Card
Agro-meteorological data Acquisition & management
Studies of Micro-bial Diversity and Formulation of Effective Bio-fertilizer to Increase the Crop Productivity Under Variable Climatic Scenario.
 Establishment of Bio control Unit to Study the Efficacy of Various Bio Control Agent for Eco-friendly Plant Protection Measures.