About Us:

The Directorate of Biotechnology is created in January, 2002 and entrusted with the responsibility of dissemination of technology in the field of biotechnology and coordinating implementation of the projects in the same field. Since its inception, the directorate developed linkages with leading research/academic/technical institutions/Government Organization for introduction of different Biotechnology schemes/packages and also to undertake R & D activities in biotechnology sector for socio-economic development of the state.


    Improved Management of Bio-resources in Tripura through biotechnological intervention for sustainable socio-economic development.


● Set priorities & promote projects based on recommendation of expert groups.
● Outsource appropriate technology for application in Tripura.
● Promote R &D to mitigate challenge in utilization & management of bio-resources.
● Conduct R & D through reputed Academic/Research/Technical institution.
● Work in association & Partnership with the Govt. department/Scientific and Academic communities and Institutions / Non-Governmental Organizations, Farming and   Entrepreneurial communities.

● Prioritize food and sustainable nutritional security, healthcare, utilization of vast bio-resources.
● Conservation & documentation of biodiversity and commercialization of important bio-resources.
● Resource survey in inventorization of natural and domesticated plants of medicinal, aromatic and nutritional value as per local tradition for identification and development of protocols for micro and macro propagation.

● Capacity Building in Biotechnology Sector.