Guidelines for College Biotech Club:


Objectives of College Biotech Club (CBC):

v    To strengthen the scientific mindset among the students.

v    To create opportunity among the students to implement their innovation ideas in Lab to field and field to Lab.

v    To encourage more students to take up higher education in science.

Guidelines for College Biotech Club:

v  Total Fund:  Rs. 84,000/-

v  Duration:  12 month

v  Member: Minimum 15 numbers of students to be enrolled in college Biotech club (Not less than 15 students)

v  Laboratory Visit and Field Monitoring with periodically by the officials of Directorate of Biotechnology.

v  Technical expertise may be sought from Directorate of biotechnology

v  Popular talk should be in presence of the officials of Directorate of Biotechnology

v  Monthly progress report of College Biotech Club shall be submitted to Director, Directorate of Biotechnology.

v  In case of publication in any project related matter acknowledgment of Directorate of Biotechnology should be done (Funding Organization)

v  Any other scientific program beyond the project work may be organized by College Biotech Club.

Component Wise break up:

Sl. No.


Budget Allocation


Field Demo cum distribution Program:


Rs. 35,000/-


Lab Equipments:



Rs. 15,000/-


Capacity building & Plantation:


Rs. 14,000/-

b)     Village and locality Plantation Program (Tree plantation in roadside/villages/ college area).

Rs. 5,000/-



Final report writing, Documentation, Flex, Banner, Photography etc.

Rs. 15,000/-

                                                                                                                                    Grand Total = Rs. 84,000/-