Completed Projects:


SL. No. Name of the projects Funding Organization Year Remarks
 01. Establishment of Demonstration plots for Organic Farming in Tripura Funded by NHB, GoI 2011-13  
02. Evaluation/Data Generation of Neem as Bio-pesticide/Bio-fertilizer in Tripura Funded by IPFT, GoI 2015-17  
03. Multilocational field trial on Neem Bio-efficacy study of Neem Kernel powder (NKP) on vegetable like Chilli, Brinjal, for controlling mites etc. Funded by DSTE, GoT  2017-18  

Training programmes for Farmers on IPM

Funded by NHB, GoI 2011-13  


05. Farmers Training Programmes on Agri-biotechnological intervention. Funded by CIH, GoI 2011-17  
06. Demonstration  & Distribution on  EM compost and Eco friendly Technology Funded by  IDGC, GoI 2014-15  
07. Demonstration & distribution  of Bee Keeping unit Funded by CPS, GoI 2014-16  


08. Post Project Workshop on Neem Funded by IPFT, GoI 2018-19  
09. Establishment of Bio-village Project  at Brajendra Nagar under Dukli  RD Block. Funded by ONGC, Tripura Asset 2019-20  
10. Establishment of Bio-village Project  at Amtali VC under Charilam RD Block. Funded by ONGC, Tripura Asset  2020-21  
11. Establishment of Bio-village Project  at Echamuya under ward No - 10 of AMC. Funded by ONGC, Tripura Asset  2020-21