Distribution of "Biotech Kit" During 2015-16 FY:


           Growing concern about the adverse effects of application of chemicals in the agriculture practices has compelled us to restore the environment for sustainable production that encourages the introduction of organic inputs in a comprehensive form of Biotech kit The process offers immense scope to small and marginal farmers and SHG groups in creating their own organic environment and project their farming land as a “hub of safe food production” It is considered necessary to promote and take this technologies to the door step of the farmers in every corner of the state for improvement of soil heath and to create a hazard free sustainable environment. The “Biotech Kit” consist of 18 different Bio-inputs including Micorhizal preparation N,P,K,S fixing Bio-fertilizer, entomopathogenic biopesticides, neem & garlic based biopestisides, beneficial fungas to restrain plant diseases, lure to trap the pest and a sprayer.

      This Directorate has all ready completed the distribution of Biotech kit among the 80 nos. of small and Marginal farmers of Mekhlipara GP under Old Agartala Block, West Tripura and Sonaichuri GP, Hrisyamukh Block, South Tripura  during 2015-16 FY.  The same distribution programme will be followed during 2016 -17 financial year at  different block areas of the State.