"Biotech Kit" Distribution Programmes.

        ● Formulation & Implementation of Biotech based Projects.

        ● Training and Awareness Programmes  on  Organic farming.

        ● Training on  IPM, PHM, IPNM, IDM etc. with special emphasis of Bio-control Techniques  .       

        ● Training &Demonstration on EM Technology.

        ● Workshop on Buyer- Seller Meet on Organic Produce.

        ● Seminar/Workshop on different fields of Biotechnology.

        ● Field Demonstration & technical supervision on Organic Farming.

        ● Awareness generation and imparting training to the farmers on various aspects of Biotech intervention including organic farming.

        ● Publication of quarterly Biotech News.

        ● Awareness generation among school students on the importance Biodiversity Conservation.

        ● Awareness Generation  Programmes by involving NGO’s on the importance of Biotechnology.

        ● Dissemination of biotechnological developments through electronic media.
        ● Initiation of R & D activities with national research institutes.

        ● Exposure visit of progressive farmers of the state to Regional/National/International exhibition/ fair.